What We Do

Our team monitors the performance of private market portfolios and investments using cutting edge analytics and multi-layered process controls. We aggregate, review, and quality control data in our proprietary investment management accounting platform. The PMC team is also involved in many special projects and initiatives.


Client Transitions

  • PMC’s Transitions Team works to ensure new clients’ historical and current data is transferred accurately into the iLEVEL platform
  • For full service clients, PMC will transfer in historical cash flows, PCAPs, and commitments for all funds
  • For uncovered funds, PMC transfers in one quarter of asset values along with qualitative data on the fund and the underlying assets
  • For covered funds, the client gets the historical holdings values as entered according to PMC’s entry methodology
  • Historically, 40-60% of the funds in a transitioning client’s portfolio exists in our database
  • In 2017, PMC successfully transitioned over 60 clients into the platform

Data Entry

  • Data entry is completed utilizing our automated business processing software and our offshore data entry teams in Chennai and Hyderabad, India
  • With insight from PMC, automated data entry infrastructure is being built out by our technology partner in Hyderabad, India to provide automated data collection solutions for unstructured data
  • In 2017, 70,000+ cash flows totaling $132 billion and 41,000+ client-fund market values were entered manually along with 166,000+ asset market values entered through both manual and automated entry

Data Capture

  • The PMC team is responsible for the collection and classification of all general partner documents relevant to a client’s investment in a fund
  • These include cash flow notices, partner capital statements, financial statements, quarterly reports, legal documents, and general correspondence
  • General partner documents are generally sent to the firm via email or retrieved from a website
  • Audit trail capability tracks workflow from document receipt through entry review
  • GP data capture automation is used to retrieve documents from investor portal
  • In 2017, PMC received 168,000+ emails and created 179,000+ tasks for the Data Entry team

Quality Control

  • PMC uses a number of control and exception reports to provide additional levels of review for all aspects of data integrity
  • Daily reviews are performed on market values, contributions, distributions, IRRs, and portfolio company holdings
  • Exposure checks, a review of a client’s ownership percentage to a fund’s underlying investments, are run quarterly for each client
  • Additional control reports range in frequency from daily to quarterly